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UNECE: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe is one of five regional commissions of the United Nations.

Its major aim is to promote pan-European economic integration. To do so, UNECE brings together 56 countries located in the European Union, non-EU Western and Eastern Europe, South-East Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and North America. All these countries dialogue and cooperate under the aegis of the UNECE on economic and sectoral issues.

To this end, it provides analysis, policy advice and assistance to governments, it gives focus to the United Nations global mandates in the economic field, in cooperation with other global players and key stakeholders, notably the business community.
The UNECE also sets out norms, standards and conventions to facilitate international cooperation within and outside the region.
The area of expertise of the UNECE covers such sectors as: economic cooperation and integration, energy, environment, human settlements, population, statistics, timber, trade, and transport. 









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